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During the process of publishing a document, the SmartPlant Adapter checks the availability of the following InterfaceDefs:

  • InonDrawingItem

  • IPBSItem

  • Iequipment

The processing for the first two of these InterfaceDefs is done in the INtoolsEFAdapter module using the PublishDocument() function. In the process of going over each published object, after the equivalent EF Object is located and before "Same As" relationships are created, a check-up is made for the above InterfaceDefs.

Every object that gets published is checked for the last InterfaceDef in the list (that is, IEquipment). If this interface is associated with the current processed object, then the adapter checks the values of two of its properties, and if False, sets the following values:

  • If EqTypeDescription = False (that is, if the equipment type does not have a description), the value of the property is set to the current object’s ObjectDefName.

  • If EqType0 = False, then the Enum hierarchy value of the property is set to the following UID: 239410D8-4DDC-41B2-9116-0F9856921CBE.

EqType0 is a property of the IEquipment interface in the SmartPlant Schema. UID 239410D8-4DDC-41B2-9116-0F9856921CBE represents the Electrical Equipment EnumListType object in the SmartPlant Schema.