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Currently, limitations exist in Intergraph Smart Instrumentation when it comes to retrieving documents. Below is a list of known limitations.

  • Retrieving PD Cases – In the Process Data module in Intergraph Smart Instrumentation, it is possible to define several cases for a single Instrument. The idea is to allow the instrument to be configured in different ways and to allow the different configurations to be saved as Case 1, Case 2, and so forth. Each case may hold a different set of Process Data parameters. Currently, Intergraph Smart Instrumentation can only retrieve Instrument cases from SmartPlant Foundation.

  • UOMs – A Process Data Sheet usually has several fields that have multiple values along with their units of measure. For example, Temperature has Minimum, Normal, and Maximum values and each value can have a different unit of measure defined. Currently, Intergraph Smart Instrumentation cannot retrieve these values if each of them has its own unit of measure. All three values must have the same unit of measure in order for Intergraph Smart Instrumentation to successfully retrieve the data. The same goes for other fields in the Process Data Sheet.