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Since the purpose of publishing a document along with its data is to publish the actual values in the document, the next step is to make sure that all necessary properties are published.

Generally, after the Class object has been mapped to a relevant Class in the Schema, and after the Class has been defined to realize a set of interfaces, these interfaces already include a set of properties to be mapped. Most common properties are already mapped in the SmartPlant Schema; however, there may be instances when the user may have to map new properties manually.

Mapping properties in the INToolsMap is achieved in the Publish / Retrieve tabs of a Map Class Definition dialog box.

The relation created for each new property is called MapPropertyToProperty. The direction of the relation is from the INToolsMap to the SmartPlant Schema.

The opposite direction, from the Schema to the tool is called PropertyToMapProperty.

It is saved in the INTools map file.

The Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Tool Schema does not recognize a difference between properties of data type Enumeration and properties of data type Unit Of Measure. In both cases, the property is mapped to an enumerated list and the relation is known as MapPropertyMapEnumList.