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General Definitions




The object to be published should have the following name format:

<Schema>_<Document Type>_<Object_Def_ID>

These values should be taken from the Intergraph Smart Instrumentation database tables: Object_Schema, Document_Type and Object_Def

Mapping Option

When publishing documents with data, this option should have include realize selected. This allows later being able to choose various interfaces with properties needed for the specific class.

Publish using view definitions

In this option the user chooses the classes / interfaces (that is, containers of properties) in the SmartPlant Schema which contain the properties that need to be mapped to the INToolsMap class. After selecting one or more interfaces, when choosing Retrieve / Publish tabs, the list on the right includes the properties from these interfaces in the SmartPlant Schema. The selection in the tool – SmartPlant Schema relationship determines the options in this drop-down list.