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A ‘SameAs’ relationship is created when a document is retrieved and the adapter identifies that there is a RemoteUID associated with the retrieved object in the document, meaning that another tool has already published the object in the document.

In consecutive Publish operations, the function CreateSameAsRel of the adapter receives an object from the list of objects associated with the published document and creates a relationship for that object. This relationship is published to SmartPlant Foundation.

From that moment, the published document is considered a ‘Shared’ document among the other tools.

This ‘SameAs’ relationship is stored in the Object_Remote_UID_List table.

This table holds, among other values, the Object_UID and Object_Remote_UID columns. These columns also appear in the Object_Registry table.

Object_UID represents the object’s internal ID in Intergraph Smart Instrumentation whereas Object_Remote_UID represents the corresponding object’s ID in SmartPlant Foundation.