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Smart P&ID Reference Data contains the symbols, rules, labels, styles, templates, insulation specification and other information that you use to create a P&ID. The default location for the reference data is ..\SmartPlant\P&ID Reference Data.

If the reference data is located elsewhere, use Smart P&ID Options Manager to identify the location of symbols, rules, labels, and other reference data for the application. You can also define symbology for graphics, default formats for data, and key distances that affect the behavior of the application. Usually, a project manager sets these options at the beginning of a project. The project manager seldom modifies these options except on rare occasions when project requirements dictate a change. See Customizing Your Reference Data.

  • If you are upgrading from a previous version of the software, you might also need to upgrade your reference data. See Upgrading Reference Data.

  • You do not need to set the default data locations in Options Manager before creating a P&ID in Drawing Manager. These locations are set at the time of plant structure creation. The drawing template path should be set to the correct node name and share name so that the software can locate the templates for P&ID creation. See Install Smart P&ID Reference Data.

  • For a configuration in an integrated environment, be sure the Smart Resource Path setting in Options Manager points to the ..\SmartPlant Resources\ folder installed with the Smart P&ID reference data.

  • From Smart P&ID 2019 HF8, if you copied existing Smart P&ID reference data from another location; for example, when creating a new plant and P&ID application from custom templates, the CatalogExplorerSettings.bin file in the reference data folder must be deleted before any drawings are opened. This ensures that when a drawing is opened, the software creates a new CatalogExplorerSettings.bin file with updated file paths so that Catalog Explorer opens properly.