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The Upgrade Utility does not make changes that might overwrite user customization of display names, property formats, calculation programs, validation programs, or layouts. A data dictionary change made during an upgrade can cause layouts that use PipingPoint properties to have an incorrect caption or column heading. None of the default layouts delivered during installation include PipingPoint properties. However, if you added these properties to one of the default layouts or created a new layout with PipingPoint properties, you can manually revise the captions for any layouts that use PipingPoint properties after you upgrade by doing the following:

  1. Open Smart P&ID.

  2. In the list on the Engineering Data Editor toolbar, select the saved view that contains PipingPoint properties.

  3. In the Engineering Data Editor, select View PPM All Outputs Graphic > Edit View to open the Table Properties dialog.

  4. Select Advanced.

  5. Select the Layout tab.

  6. In the Display Property list, select the PipingPoint property.

    SHARED Tip PipingPoint properties start with the word End, such as End, End 2, End 3, and End 4.

  7. Confirm that the caption is appropriate for the property.

  8. If you need to modify the caption, make changes in the Caption box at the bottom of the Advanced Table Properties dialog.