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Registers a plant database, along with its associated applications, with an instance of SmartPlant Foundation. Each database must be registered before you can connect to SmartPlant Foundation to perform any specific tasks, such as publishing or retrieving files. You can register each plant database only once.

During registration, the software maps the plant database, all of its projects, and all of its associated applications to a single SmartPlant Foundation URL, which points to one SmartPlant Foundation plant database, and returns a unique signature for the tool/plant combination being registered.

  • You must install Intergraph SmartPlant (Schema Component and the SmartPlant Client), delivered with SmartPlant Foundation, on your Smart Engineering Manager workstation before you can register your plant.

  • If only one application is associated with the plant at the time it is registered, only that application is registered. If another application is later associated with the plant, you must also register the new application with the plant.

After the plant is registered, the SmartPlant tab is added to the Plant Structure Properties dialog. The SmartPlant tab displays the SmartPlant Foundation URL, the SmartPlant Foundation plant database, and the unique application identifiers returned by the registration process.