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Intergraph Smart P&ID Installation and Upgrade

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This section describes how to install Smart P&ID and supporting software. Before you begin installing the software, verify that the computers on which the software components will be installed meet the requirements described in the Hardware and Software Recommendations.

The Open Database functionality, incorporated into all parts of the SmartPlant® software, allows you to install pieces of the software on several different workstations. You do not have to maintain a server for just Smart Engineering Manager. For example, you can install Smart Engineering Manager and its related managers on one workstation, Smart P&ID and its related managers on a different workstation, and the reference data on yet another workstation or file server.

During installation of the software, you have the option of installing the fully functional Smart P&ID or Smart P&ID Engineering. Smart P&ID Engineering allows data editing but does not allow placement, moving, or deleting items on the drawing sheet.