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Before editing the delivered templates, verify that the correct plant structure has been selected and that no drawings are open.

  1. In Windows Explorer, browse to the default templates location defined in Options Manager or the location of the reference data of your plant.

  2. Select the template that matches the system of units and page size requirements for the drawing and double-click the template file to open it in the Smart P&ID Modeler. Refer to the previous chart to determine the appropriate template and border files.

    SHARED Tip You also can drag the template file into the application window to open the template file.

  3. Select the existing border file and press Delete.

  4. Select Edit > Insert > Object.

  5. Clear the Link check box. This ensures that the item will be embedded.

  6. Select Browse and locate the border file to use. You can use the delivered border or choose another border.

  7. Select Open.

  8. Select OK on the Insert Object dialog.

  9. Position the border file in the template.

  10. Select File > Exit.