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Silent mode installation involves running a command at the command prompt with arguments specifying the license activation, product serial number, and installation path. In addition, you can specify which individual software features to install and the path of the log file.

  • Because Smart P&ID installation requires licensing software for concurrent licensing, you must first install the licensing software on your workstation and on every other workstation where you are going to install Smart P&ID in silent mode. For more information about installing and configuring licensing software, refer to the licensing software documentation.

  • You must ensure that there is sufficient disk space on each workstation for the installation.

  • Prior to creating a silent setup of Smart P&ID over a network, ensure that the following conditions exist:

    • For a new release, all previous existing versions of Smart P&ID on the target computer have been uninstalled prior to network installation.

    • The target computer does not have a directory by the same name to which Smart P&ID is to be installed.

    • The target computer meets the free disk space recommendations specified in Smart P&ID Workstation.

    • All applications are closed.