Information prerequisites for synchronization of a Tag to a FLOC - HxGN SDx - v10 - Installation & Upgrade - Hexagon

HxGN SDx Connector for Plant Maintenance Installation and Configuration

HxGN SDx Connector for Plant Maintenance
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Installation & Upgrade
SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version

Information prerequisites from SAP to HxGN SDx

  • Destination details:

    • For Remote Function Call (RFC):

      • Username and password

      • Application Server Host (name or IP address)

      • Client

      • System number (port opened for communication)

      • System ID.

    • For sync using middleware:

      • Payload URL

      • Username and password for authentication.

  • FLOC structure: SUPFLOC level.

  • SAP Plant (MAINTPLANT), Structure Indicator (STRIND), and Category (CATEGORY) values (to be updated in XSLT transform file).

  • Properties to be sent from SDx to SAP (to be populated in Adhoc report).

  • FLOC naming convention (if different should be defined in XSLT transform file).

Information prerequisites from HxGN SDx to SAP

  • /INGR/FLDMAPP_V mapping table (update the delivered Excel exemplary file).