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HxGN SDx Connector for Plant Maintenance Installation and Configuration

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In the engineering operational system, whenever tags are created, updated, or terminated in an SDx or SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators Core (SPO/E), the SDx Connector for Plant Maintenance synchronization mechanism automatically creates, updates, or terminates the corresponding Functional Locations (FLOCs) in SAP Plant Maintenance for the specified data selected by the user.

You can use the HxGN SDx Connector for Plant Maintenance with any of the following compatible software versions:

  • SPO/E Core 2019 Update 35 or later

  • HxGN SDx 2019 Update 42 or later

The maintenance and inspection planners often require readily accessible detailed engineering information for the tasks to be executed. An Asset Information Link (AIL, also called Jump interface) for SAP provides an add-on to the SAP FLOC/Equipment master data form, allowing the SAP user to easily view available engineering documents with a live view from the SAP form to the SDx or SPO/E database. From the database list, the SAP user can seamlessly navigate to the document file leveraging the view capabilities provided by the Web Client viewer. For more information about the AIL for SAP, see Asset Information Link for SAP guide delivered with the installation package.

  • You must be a user with an SDxConnectors Administrator role to configure the HxGN SDx Connector for Plant Maintenance.

  • If you are using Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA), you must have the SDxConnectors Administrator and SDxConnectors Viewer roles.