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CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart 3D
Smart 3D

Defines two parallel planes in 3D along a specified axis and then hide the points outside the two planes, resulting in a controlled cross-section view of the point cloud.

  • Only one slice or section view can be active at a time (for example, a slice in the Y-plane cannot co-exist with a slice in the X-plane). Axis is defined in view coordinates.

  • To turn on or off any clipping records, see Clipping Manager.

  • To turn off all clipping records of the active clipping group, see Reset Clipping.

Define a slice

  1. Select CloudWorx > Clip Point Cloud > Slice.

  2. Select the required slice. The options available are:

    • X-axis

    • Y-axis

    • Z-axis

    • Slice Forward

    • Slice Backward

  3. Input data points to represent the first plane and the second plane.

    These two planes form the slice that is applied to clip the points.

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