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CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart 3D Help

CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart 3D
Smart 3D

  1. Go to JetStream Administration Tool > Project Manager tab.

  2. Click Import > LGS File.

  3. In the Import LGS File dialog, select the *.lgs file as required and click Open.

    The software imports and loads the LGS file as JetStream project.

  4. Click Close.

  5. In Project Management, attach the LGS file that is converted to the JetStream project in JetStream Administration Tool. See Attach a Point Cloud model section in Project Management Help to know how to attach a point cloud model.

  6. Go to Smart 3D, define workspace, and specify the relevant point cloud model to attach in the Filter Properties Dialog Box.

    The software loads the point cloud model into Workspace.

  7. Open TruSpace Viewer and use the commands available on the TruSpace Viewer to view the point cloud data in required format or mode.

  • You must import the LGS file into JetStream Administration Tool before you start attaching the corresponding JetStream model type in Project Management and further loading it in Smart 3D.

  • We recommend the users to use LGS file based format for data exchange. LGS is a simple and portable file format that simplifies data publishing, data transfer, and greater collaboration, compatibility across different versions.

Compatibility Matrix for LGS vs SLDE

LGS file was first introduced with JetStream Enterprise 1.5.

Compatibility Matrix for JSA vs SLDE

JSA files are designed as JetStream Enterprise archive/backup rather than a file exchange solution.