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Displays the list of all the geotags that were published with the LGS or JetStream file. Select Category as the filter to display the list of categories, if they exist.

A geotag is a defined location in cartesian co-ordinate space that has assets associated with it. Geotags can be viewed by selecting the Geotags tab in the TruSpace Viewer. Geotags can be useful for identifying objects of interest in a registration. Assets such as websites, pictures and other file types can be attached to provide information about the object. Geotags can also be categorized prior to publishing. This makes it is easier to find geotags by using a filter.

  • Double-click on a Geotag to zoom to its location.

  • Select a Geotag from the list to display the associated metadata on the Geotag panel located on the right-hand side of the TruSpace Viewer.

  • Select next to Link/Ref to open the asset attached to the geotag.