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CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart 3D
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Used to define a 3D box beyond which points are not displayed or processed.

The limit box does not delete the points. Points outside the limit box are clipped from being loaded or displayed. The limit box is aligned to the view in which the first point is defined.

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Define and place a limit box

  • Select CloudWorx > Clip Point Cloud > Define Limit Box.

    You are then prompted to sequentially type three data points to define a box.

    • The first point determines the corner of the limit box and the bottom plane height. The second point determines the size of the bottom box. The third point defines the top plane of the box.

    • Defining a limit box with three points in a single view can be tricky as you cannot tell the depth of each point defined. You can only achieve this by picking cloud points.

    • We recommend opening two or more views, each with a different view point. Defining a limit box in two views is easier.

    • It is better to set the view to orthographic mode.

    • If all points are hidden after applying the limit box, it is likely that the limit box is defined in an incorrect position. In this case, use Clipping Manager to delete the last limit box record and try again. You can use Clipping Manager to turn on or off any clipping records, or use Reset Clipping to turn off all clipping records of the active clipping group.