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After the point cloud is received and loaded successfully with Cyclone software, you can start working with point clouds in Smart 3D.

Make sure that CloudWorx for Smart 3D is installed on your computer and you have Intergraph Smart Licensing (ISL) software.

  1. In the Project Management tree view, right-click the model icon, and then click New Point Cloud Model Reference.

    You can also select the model icon, and click Database > New > New Point Cloud Model Reference. For more information about point cloud model reference, see the Project Management User's Guide available from Help > Printable Guides.

  2. Open Smart 3D, and then load the point cloud data. For more information about loading the point cloud data, see the Define Workspace section in the Common User's Guide available from Help > Printable Guides.

  3. Use Limit Box feature wherever possible because it restricts the loading of points to only those within the limit box, unlike clipping which restricts the display of points but not the loading. For more information about Limit Box, see Define Limit Box.

After the point cloud is available in Smart 3D, several options exist for viewing and working with the data.

  • For simple navigation of the point cloud, use the Key Plan supplied with the point cloud. The Key Plan command is available from the CloudWorx\TruSpace Tools\Open Key plan menu item.

  • Double-clicking on a scanner location opens the TruSpace view from that scanner.

  • In addition, you can also use the Open TruSpace command and select a point cloud point to display the TruSpace image. This is the view from the scanner location. If the point selected is only visible from one scan station, the TruSpace opens automatically. If the point selected is visible from a number of scans, these are listed and you can select the TruSpace to open.

  • After opening the selected scanworld, the TruSpace synchronizes the viewing location, the view direction, and the zoom factor to the Smart 3D graphic display.

  • Options exist for changing the display colours, between, Grey Scale, Scanner Intensity, Colors from the Scanner, and Colors from the photographic images.

  • As the TruSpace is rotated or zoomed, the Smart 3D graphic window stays synchronized.

  • At this point, all the Smart 3D view or measure or modeling and clipping controls can be used. Additional CloudWorx clipping controls are also available.

Several point cloud modeling features are available for you to model over a point cloud to capture accurate geometry and ensure high quality design.

  1. Use the Fit Pipe command to have CloudWorx automatically calculate, from a point cloud point, the length, diameter, and centerline direction of a pipe or cylinder. The construction graphics are displayed in Smart 3D view and can be used to snap when routing pipes.

  2. Use the Connect Pipes command to align and connect the centerlines.

  3. Use the Flange Work Point command to insert a tie-in flange using the point cloud.

  4. When you are in the Piping task, use CTRL+SHIFT and a mouse-click to select 3D points from the Point Cloud when the SmartSketch glyph ‘Point Cloud’ appears. You can select a point on the point cloud, and start routing pipe runs as needed.