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After preparing a site, you must focus on how scanning must be done accurately. The following are the key parameters that must be considered when scanning a site:

  1. Each scan must be taken with high density and quality. Make sure that the data quality is more important that productivity. With P20 scanner, the resolution of 5mm at 10m, quality 3 must be used. (Scan time approximately 5 minutes plus images). For other scanners, set the resolution to Medium or High.

  2. Each scan must have perfectly auto-exposed high-resolution full-color photos (from external camera, if possible). Again, the quality of these photos is prioritized over the time taken to capture them.

  3. Use targets to link the scans to the site coordinate system

  4. Make sure that 100% coverage of the defined area is achieved. It is recommended to have a full coverage of a small area instead of incomplete coverage of a large area.

  5. Collect any available site documentation such as GA’s, P&IDs, and so on. Also capture photos or videos of the scanning and facility.

    For more information about the scanning site work, refer the HDS - Scanning Guide User's Guide in the delivered Leica documentation.