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CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart 3D Help

CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart 3D
Smart 3D

These commands are available on the TruSpace Tools:

Open TruSpace

Allows you to pick a cloud point. If there are points from more than one scanner near the selection, then those scanners are listed with their distances to the selection. Pick the scanner position to use. The software starts the TruSpace Viewer, and displays a modeless dialog box with synchronization settings.

Close TruSpace

Closes the active TruSpace Viewer.

Show/Hide TruSpace

Shows or hides the TruSpace Viewer without closing it. This is a toggle item.

Open KeyPlan

Opens the KeyPlan associated with the current ModelSpace. If more than one KeyPlan is available, select the KeyPlan to display from the list. The software launches the KeyPlan Viewer.

Close KeyPlan

Closes the active KeyPlan Viewer.

The Open KeyPlan and Close KeyPlan commands does not support Jetstream datasets.

Sync Toggles

Starts a modeless dialog box with synchronization settings and the quick limit box size. The dialog is automatically shown when you open TruSpace or KeyPlan. Do not close the dialog unless you want to disable TruSpace Synchronization.

  • Enable Sync - This is a toggle item that turns viewpoint synchronization with the TruSpace viewer on or off. When synchronization is off, the Smart 3D viewpoint does not update to match the TruSpace viewpoint.

  • 3D Point - When this is enabled, CloudWorx submits the 3D pick from the TruSpace viewer to the Smart 3D, for use by CloudWorx commands that accept 3D coordinates. (Use Pick on Cloud for CloudWorx commands.)

  • Pick On Cloud - When this is enabled, CloudWorx recomputes the pick made in the TruSpace viewer, based on the closest cloud points visible in the Smart 3D window. Recomputation might fail if there are not enough points near the pick, or when the points are clipped or hidden in CloudWorx. (Use 3D Point for non-CloudWorx commands.)

  • View Point - When this is enabled, the viewpoint of the active Smart 3D viewport automatically updates to be the same as the TruSpace viewpoint.

  • Quick Limit Box - This clips the point clouds with a pre-defined limit box size (see the B= setting) around the pick made in the TruSpace viewer. This clips and hides the points outside the limit box. You can turn off the limit box using the Limit Box Off command.

Perspective Camera Off

Switches back to parallel projection.