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Reports a program defect or limitation by collecting the program version, configuration, related program information. Support uses this information to analyze the problem. A defect report is generated as a text file to be sent to support.

  • The defect report does not collect your personal information saved on your computer. You can review the text file before you email it to support.

  • We recommend that you run a defect report right after you notice a software defect. If the software fails, take a snapshot of the error, then restart the software and run the defect report immediately. CloudWorx collects the logs of current session and the previous session, and then puts them in the defect report for developer review.

To report a defect

  1. Select CloudWorx > Defect Report.

    The Defect Report dialog box displays.

  2. Type the required contact information: Name, Company, Location, Email, and Phone.

    We recommend providing this data so that you can be contacted when necessary.

  3. Type the summary of the problem in the Summary box followed by a description of the problem in the Detailed description box. Provide details such as what your actions were prior to the problem, can you duplicate the problem, and does the problem occur with other databases or models. When possible, include any error message text.

  4. After you finish typing the information, click Create Report to generate a defect report as a text file.

    The software informs you when the file is created. Please send this file to PPM Smart Community.