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CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart 3D Help

CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart 3D
Smart 3D

Opens a saved CloudWorx project file. The project information is saved in the current session file. When you use Open Project, you either associate a previously saved CloudWorx project to this session, or you simply restore a previously closed project using Close Project.

Open a CloudWorx Project

  1. Select CloudWorx > Open Project.

  2. In the Select CloudWorx Project dialog box, select the required cloudworx project file (.cwprj) and click Open.

    The selected point cloud is loaded into the model space.

  3. Click Cancel, if you do not have a cloudworx project file to reference in the Select CloudWorx Project dialog box.

    The Import Model Space View dialog box displays allowing you to browse and select the required model space view (.imp file).

  • The selected .imp file must be registered using the Cyclone software before loading the point cloud vendor on your computer. For more information on how to register an .imp file, refer the Cyclone documentation.

  • The Open Project command is called only when a saved session file without any corresponding CloudWorx project is opened.

  • We recommend you to use the Open Project command to open only those project files that have references to Cyclone or JetStream data in Project Management.