Run the static analysis - CAESAR II - Reference Data

CAESAR II Applications Guide

Reference Data
  1. To proceed with the analysis, click Analyze, or Analysis load cases in the Load Case Editor dialog box.

    The software performs analysis for the piping system and the basic load cases.

    When complete, the Static Output Processor displays.

    You can stop the analysis at any time by clicking Cancel.

CAESAR II analyzes the basic loads (hanger design, operating, and installed). The displacement results of cases 3 and 4 are used with the element stiffness matrices to calculate the forces, moments, and stresses throughout the system. The difference between the two sets of displacements is used to establish the displacement range of the piping system as defined in L6. This new displacement set is similarly used to calculate forces, moments, and stresses.

  • All the results are automatically into the Tutor._p statics output file. The contents of a ._p file can only be examined through the Static Output Processor.

  • If you want to review analysis results at a later time, you do not need to rerun the static analysis . Click Output > Reports > Static from the ribbon on the main window to display the output.