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Reference Data

Use the following guidelines when modeling anchors in CAESAR II:

  • The anchor default stiffness for translational and rotational degrees-of-freedom is defined in the CAESAR II configuration file.

  • You can use connecting nodes with anchors to rigidly fix one point in the piping system to any other point in the piping system.

  • The value that you define for the Stif property applies to all six anchor degrees-of-freedom.

  • Do not specify displacements at an anchor. If you know the displacements of a particular point, specify them without any additional restraints or anchors.

  • Accurate definition of piping boundary conditions (restraints) is considered the single most important part of system modeling. It requires experience with piping fabrication and erection and with CAESAR II.

The example below shows a nozzle connection modeled as an anchor, along with the corresponding rigid anchor input on the Restraints Auxiliary Data tab in the Classic Piping Input dialog box.