Slotted Hinge Joint - Simple Model - CAESAR II - Reference Data

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Reference Data

The hinged joint is modeled using a zero length expansion joint and rigid elements with zero weight to define the interaction of the hinge geometry. Hinge directions are defined using restraints with connecting nodes. The restraint line of action is always normal to the hinge axis.

Elements from nodes 10 to 15 and from nodes 16 to 20 are weightless, 9-inch long rigids.

In the example model shown above, the software presumes the relative rotation at the hinge about the Y-axis to be zero. The slots on either side provide some limit to this Y rotation. In most applications of this type, the relative Y rotation is zero because the problem is kept planar using guides. A good first pass can be made using the model shown. If the analysis shows that the RY restraint between nodes 15 and 16 is supporting load, a further refinement to the model can be made.