Review the static output reports - CAESAR II - Reference Data

CAESAR II Applications Guide

Reference Data
  1. For a quick look at the selected hanger data in the Static Output Processor, click Hanger Table with Text from the General Computed Results column in the main output processor. Then, click View Reports .

    The software reports the Anvil Fig. B‑268 Size 10 spring selected at node 28.

    This selection is based on the values found in the first two analyses. Both analyses provide no load case reports in the output processor.

    • The expected hot load for the proposed support at node 28 (1209 lb.).

    • The thermal growth of node 28 (0.750 in.).

  2. Return to the Static Output Processor, and select only the operating load case (OPE) Displacements and Restraint Summary by holding down the Ctrl key.

    The restraint loads at nodes 5 and 40 are compared to the pump and vessel load limits. Note the different output tabs at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Return to the Static Output Processor, and select the sustained case (SUS) to examine the installed condition of the piping system.

    Turn off 3 and turn on 4. Both the operating and sustained cases can be reviewed together by having both 3 and 4 highlighted at the same time.

  4. Return to the Static Output Processor, and highlight the sustained and expansion cases (4 and 5) and stresses.

    Each stress report begins with a summary stating that the code stresses are below their allowable stress. In the table that follows the summary, the stresses display for each node in the system. These nodes are listed in pairs with their associated element. The last column lists the ratio of actual stress to allowable stress in terms of percentage.

    These results can be sent to the printer or to a file rather then sent to the screen. Before creating the report, a title line for the hardcopy can be generated through Options-Title Lines on the Output Menu.

  5. Type the following two lines for the report header:



  6. To send a specific output to the printer, click File > Print.

    Use the output wizard to create a book of reports in a specific order and then send them to an output device. Click More>> in the Static Output Processor to access the wizard. Start the report with the hanger table by selecting it and clicking [Add].

  7. Select the operating and sustained load cases and displacements and restraint summary reports.

  8. Click Add again.

  9. Add the sustained and expansion stress reports by having only SUS and OPE load cases and Stresses highlighted.

  10. Click Add again.

    This completes a typical output report after reviewing the reports order.

  11. Select the output device, and then click Generate TOC, if needed.

  12. Click Finish.

    A tabbed window with all reports displays.