Hanger Design with User-Specified Operating Load - CAESAR II - Reference Data

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Reference Data

In certain situations around equipment nozzles, usually where the piping leaving the nozzle is very complex or very rigid, the hanger design algorithm selects operating loads that are too small. In these cases, you can override CAESAR II’s calculated operating (hot) loads. The design algorithm proceeds normally, except that the user-entered hot load is substituted for CAESAR II’s calculated value for both the hanger design and all post hanger design analysis load cases.

In this configuration, freeing the anchors at 5 and 60 did not help the thermal case nozzle loads. It was postulated that, due to the stiffness of the overhead branches, the hanger calculated hot load was not sufficient. The calculated hot load was 2376 pounds. A new hot load of 4500 pounds. is tried here.