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CAESAR II Applications Guide

Reference Data

Open CAESAR II from the Windows Start menu.

The CAESAR II main window displays.

  1. In the main CAESAR II window ribbon, click Home > Setup > Configure .

    The CAESAR II Configuration Editor displays.

  2. Set the numeric increment between nodes, using an increment of 5 between node numbers. The default increment is 10, so you must change it.

    Click the Geometry Directives category, and then select 5 in the Auto Node Number Increment list.

  3. Click Save and Exit .

    The software saves the change, closes the CAESAR II Configuration Editor, and returns to the main CAESAR II window.

  4. In the main window ribbon, click Home > New .

    The New Job Name Specification dialog box displays.

  5. Type Tutor-A as the file name. The default folder is C:\ProgramData\Intergraph CAS\CAESAR II\<version number>\Examples. You can click Browse to navigate to another folder.

    C:\ProgramData is a hidden folder.

  6. Click OK.

    The software saves the job file, closes the New Job Name Specification dialog box, and displays the Review Current Units dialog box with the English units used for all piping element fields.

  7. Click OK to close the Review Current Units dialog box and return to the main CAESAR II window.