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CAESAR II Applications Guide

Reference Data

The following example illustrates a comprehensive local stress analysis of a vessel/nozzle using WRC 107 and ASME Section VIII, Division 2 criteria.

To determine whether the WRC 107 Bulletin is appropriate for the computation of the local stress state in the vessel due to external loading, review the geometry guidelines:

D = 120.0 in., T = 0.625 in., d = 12.75 in., t = 0.375 in.

d / D = 0.10625 < 0.33

Dm/ T = (D-T) /T = 191 > 50

In the example, both conditions are satisfied. The actual preparation of the WRC 107 calculation input can now begin. One of the most important steps in the WRC 107 procedure is to identify the correlation between the CAESAR II global coordinates and the WRC 107 local axes. CAESAR II performs this conversion automatically. You must, however, identify the vectors defining the vessel as well as the nozzle centerline. The following figure illustrates the definition of the direction vectors of the vessel and the nozzle.