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The next model is somewhat different from the previous model because of the need to provide for the non-hinge axis rotation due to the slots on either side of the joint. The schematic below illustrates the extra input required to incorporate this effect.

Zero weight rigid elements that define the hinge assembly are listed below:

10 - 15 Normal to pipe axis to centerline of hinge assy.

10 - 35 "

55 - 30 "

55 - 50 "

15 - 20 Parallel to pipe axis to centerline of hinge axis.

35 - 40 "

50 - 45 "

30 - 25 "

The finite length bellows must be defined accurately between nodes 10 and 55. Typically, this means entering the correct flexible length and using the manufacturer’s axial and lateral spring rates.

The manufacturer’s published angular spring rates may not be appropriate for use in finite length expansion joint models.