Core Piping Input - CAESAR II - Reference Data

CAESAR II Applications Guide

Reference Data

During the input of the above data, make frequent use of the CAESAR II plot facility. Doing so ensures that the system is being modeled correctly and that any input errors are detected as soon as possible. The following figure shows a volume plot of the completed core piping, with node numbers and anchors.

At this phase of the input, save the input file if you have not already done so. We also recommend running the error checker at this time because the core piping model serves as the basis for generating the jacket piping model. If any errors exist in the core, they are duplicated in the jacket, thus doubling your correction efforts.

The additional data required to finish the model, such as allowable stresses, temperatures, pressures, and so forth, are contained in the CAESAR II input file, which is delivered with the software. This data is found in the [Installation Driver]\ProgramData\Intergraph Cas\CAESAR II\5.30\Examples Jacket._a file.