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Reference Data

Use the following guidelines when modeling guides in CAESAR II:

  • Guides are double-acting restraints with or without a specified gap.

  • You can use connecting nodes (CNodes) with guides.

  • You can define guides using the global system coordinates or using the applicable options in the restraints auxiliary data area.

  • The restraints auxiliary data area displays when you select Restraints on the Classic Piping Input dialog box.

A guided pipe in the horizontal or skewed direction has a single restraint, acting in the horizontal plane, orthogonal to the axis of the pipe.

A guided vertical pipe has X- and Z-direction supports.

CAESAR II computes direction cosines for guides. The software ignores user-defined guide direction cosines.

Guide on Horizontal Pipe with Single Directional Restraint

Node 25 is guided in Z with a gap of 2.5 inches. A single-directional restraint in the Y-direction also exists. Both restraints are rigid.

In this example, replacing the guide restraint with a Z restraint is equivalent.

Guided Pipe in Both Horizontal and Vertical Directions