Review the piping system drawing - CAESAR II - Reference Data

CAESAR II Applications Guide

Reference Data

The following drawing contains the detail you need to construct the model.

You will assign node numbers where there is:

  • A change in geometry, such as a pipe diameter or wall thickness.

  • A change in direction, materials, temperature, or pressure operating conditions.

  • The application of boundary conditions such as restraints, point loads, and displacements.

  • Any other location for which you want output.

Node numbering increments by fives, starting with node 5 at the pump nozzle. The 6-inch bypass piping uses the same progression, but starts with node 600. The software uses the nodes to analyze the piping stress.

Output for each elbow is available for nodes at the near, mid, and far points of a bend (at 0, 45, and 90-degrees).