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The Licensing Portal provides you with the tools to set up and start using your licensing system. You can generate your license keys, create configurations, and view reports in the Portal.

Before using the Portal, we recommend that you get familiar with the following terminology.


A keystore is a container for license keys. Each keystore has one active key.

A key contains a set of licenses available to your users.

How keystores compare to SmartPlant License Manager servers

A keystore is roughly analogous to a SmartPlant® License Manager (SPLM) server, which can contain one license key. Keystores are associated with a Smart Licensing server. It's possible to have multiple keystores on a Smart Licensing server. Each keystore has one active license key.

The following picture shows this concept.

Keys are similar in both SPLM and Smart Licensing.

When you create a keystore, you specify whether you want the Portal to automatically create an associated configuration and project. This type of configuration is called a site-based configuration.


Projects can be used to track license usage for internal billing or analytical purposes. Projects can also have custom fields, which allow tracking in more detail.

The end-user selects a project and custom fields on the Client Settings tab in Smart Licensing Client before starting work in a licensed application. For more information, see the Smart Licensing Client documentation.


A configuration connects Smart Licensing Client on a user's computer to keystores in the cloud.