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Durations of time in the analytics pages of the portal are displayed in the ISO 8601 Duration format. An example of a duration is the value for the total time a license is used.

ISO 8601 duration strings are written in a format with numbers followed by letters indicating the unit of time, such as days or minutes. All ISO 8601 formatted duration strings begin with a P, followed by information about years, months, and days. Time information for hours, minutes, and seconds is preceded by a T.

For example, P1Y2M3DT4H5M6S indicates a period (P) of 1 year (Y), 2 months (M), 3 days (D), and a time (T) of 4 hours (H), 5 minutes (M), and 6 seconds (S).

Units can be omitted if the value is 0, and values can exceed their natural unit boundary. For example, P1DT12H could alternately be represented as PT36H.