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Offline availability is off by default for any new product added to a key on a given keystore. You must enable the offline availability for that product on the keystore after any key is cut with a newly included product. This setting is applied to each product for any subsequent keys on the keystore.

Offline availability is when a license for a product can be checked out and used offline, such as when not connected to the internet, WiFi, or a mobile network. Administrators can set options in the Licensing Portal to control the offline availability of licenses for any given product.

  • In Smart Licensing Client, users can check out licenses on the Check Out tab.

When setting options on a keystore

Each keystore has an options Menu 3 dots located at the upper right corner.

  • Select the Menu 3 dots, and click Offline availability to switch on the offline availability for each product in that keystore. You can also specify the maximum number of checked out licenses per device and the maximum time for checkout per device.

  • Only products purchased with licenses that can be used offline are shown on the Offline Availability dialog box.

  • If you are checking out a license for more than 12 hours, it takes 2 licenses for the CS: 12 hour Continuous Concurrent license type.

  • If your keystore has a CS license start time set, you can check out a license for the time left on a CS license at the time of check out. This is limited to maximum of 11 hours only. To check out the licenses for a longer period, you must generate an ISL key in another keystore that does not have a CS license start time enabled.

When generating a key

If your company has purchased a product with licenses that can be used offline, you can view this information when generating a key. Add the product to the key, and then click Menu 3 dots > More info. You can also view this information after generating the key.