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A usage session is the time from when a user requests a license to when the license is returned.

While most sessions end due to a user exiting an application, which returns the license, there are various other reasons why a license may be returned preemptively, terminating the session:

  • The session will terminate if a user drops off the network for a significant period of time without returning the license

  • All active sessions will be terminated when a new key is cut on a keystore.

  • A session using a CS: 12 hour Continuous Concurrent license type will be terminated when the 12 hour time limit is reached.

  • The period of time the CS: 12 hour Continuous Concurrent license type is unavailable as it has expired is represented by an expiry session.

Resurrected sessions

When sessions are resurrected, such as in SmartPlant Foundation or HxGN SDx, a call is made to Smart Licensing to determine the status of any licenses that are being held. If no license is being held for the resurrected session, a new license is issued.