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Why would I want to control the use of daily licenses?

You might want to control the usage of daily licenses (also called "daily key: 12 hour continuous concurrent" licenses) because this type of license is consumable, which means once the licenses are used, they are gone. Daily licenses are also typically more expensive.

Control the use of daily licenses using configuration

  1. Create a keystore with only daily licenses.

  2. When you want to allow the use of daily licenses, add the keystore with daily licenses to a configuration.

    SHARED Tip Think about the order of the keystores on a project. Licenses will be used based on this order. For example, you could have a keystore without daily licenses first in the list and a keystore with daily licenses second in the list.

  3. Monitor license usage by checking the Live Usage page.

  4. Remove the keystore with daily licenses from the configuration when you've determined enough daily licenses have been used.

When you remove the keystore from the configuration, unused daily licenses in that keystore are not available to anyone. In addition, the remaining time on the in-use daily licenses will not be available to anyone after users close their applications.