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The grace period is a time interval related to license key generation or installation. You have a certain number of days before the end of the month (usually, ten days) in which you can generate a key for the next month.

This grace period is always at least ten days. Typically, you'll get a longer grace period (around 15 days) in December leading up to January to cover holiday breaks.

When generating a key outside of the end-of-month grace period (for example, in the middle of the month), you must choose an install date within five days of the current date. When generating a key during the end-of-month grace period, you can choose an install date on any day between the current date up to the first day of the next month.

For more information, see the following table of examples.

If today is...

Which is...

Install date must be between....

May 15

Not in the end-of-month grace period

May 15 - May 20

May 22

During the end-of-month grace period

May 22 - June 1

SmartPlant License Manager (SPLM) key installation grace period

You can use SPLM only with products and versions that do not require Smart Licensing.

You can install a SPLM key up to four days after its installation date. If you do not install within this timeframe, you will need to request a new key.

For example: If today is May 15, and you specify the installation date as May 20, the email you receive will state "Installation Date 2019-05-20 (+4 days)." You cannot install the key any earlier than May 20. If you don't get it installed by the end of the day on May 24, you will not be able to install it and will need to generate another key.

This key installation grace period exists in SmartPlant License Manager. However, it does not exist in Intergraph Smart Licensing, because the software automatically loads the key when it is generated and automatically activates it on the specified start date. Therefore, you do not have to worry about installing the key within a certain time period.

The key extends two days after the end of the month. This extension allows you time to install the next month's key. This extension does not exist in Intergraph Smart Licensing because the software automatically activates the next month's key on the specified start date.

More information about installation date and start date

The terms "installation date" and "start date" are similar but also a little different. You'll hear "installation date" more with SmartPlant License Manager (SPLM) and "start date" with Intergraph Smart Licensing (ISL).

After a SPLM key is generated, you (the customer) must then install the key on your SPLM server. This installation activity must occur on the chosen install date or within four days after that. Otherwise, the server will not allow the key to be installed. The key becomes active upon installation.

In ISL, the term "start date" is used instead of "installation date." The reason is that an ISL key is automatically installed in the cloud with no installation activity needed from the customer. The key becomes active on the chosen start date.


The "Install key" and "Key extended" date ranges in these diagrams apply to SmartPlant License Manager only, not Intergraph Smart Licensing. The "Generate key" date ranges apply to both products.

The following diagram shows a key generated during the grace period at the end of a month, for the next month.

The following diagram shows a key generated and installed during a month.