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This article describes how to migrate from SmartPlant License Manager (SPLM) to Intergraph Smart Licensing (ISL). This process can take anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity of your installation.

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Provide the following information:

  • What SPLM server are you migrating to ISL?

  • What is your end use customer name and site ID? (If you do not know your site ID, provide your end use site address or most recent SPLM key.)

  • How many users are you migrating to ISL? What products are they using, and how many licenses for each product do you need to migrate?

Prepare for the migration

  1. Consider your SPLM installation and determine what customizations (if any) need to be transitioned. Examples include:

    • If you have used location data in SPLM journal files, consider using custom fields in ISL.

    • If you have used projects in SPLM environment variables, consider using projects as part of a project-based configuration in ISL.

  2. Contact your local order administrator to request a temporary ISL key.

    You should consider requesting this key about mid-month, so you have time to do internal testing before converting to your production ISL key for the next month and reducing the licenses on your SPLM key.

  3. When your local order administrator notifies you that your temporary ISL key is ready, log on to the Licensing Portal.

  4. Click Configure ISL > Configurations, and find your configuration, which will be named the same as your end use site ID.

    Your temporary ISL key is set up under a site-based configuration. You can change this configuration to a project-based configuration later, if you want.

  5. Select the configuration and download the CCI file. Save this file in a safe place; you will send it to your users in the next section.

Migrate clients

If you are configuring Intergraph Smart Licensing for SmartPlant Foundation, Smart Licensing Client must be installed on the application server.

All of the steps in this section take place on the client computers that will be part of your Intergraph Smart Licensing installation. A license machine or server is not needed in Smart Licensing.

SHARED Tip You can automate client deployments to quickly install and configure Smart Licensing Client on many computers at once. For more information, see the Smart Licensing Installation Guide delivered with Smart Licensing Client.

  1. Tell users to close all instances of SPLM licensed applications.

  2. Tell users to ensure their computers meet the hardware and software recommendations for Smart Licensing Client.

  3. Tell users to install Smart Licensing Client.

    SHARED Tip The Smart Licensing Client installation uninstalls SmartPlant License Manager, both the SPLM client and server components, if they are present.

    If you are setting up licensing for a web-based application, tell users to perform an iisreset from the command prompt to ensure all changes are implemented.

  4. Send the CCI file to all users, and instruct them to load it in Smart Licensing Client.

  5. Tell users that they can open their licensed application(s).

Migrate licenses from SPLM to ISL

  1. Contact your local order administrator to generate a reduced SPLM key before the temporary ISL key runs out on the last day of the month.

  2. Install the reduced SPLM key and send the audit code to your local order administrator.

  3. Once your local order administrator has confirmed the receipt of your audit code, generate your ISL production key.

    ISL keys expire on the last day of the month at midnight UTC, unlike SPLM, which expires on the second day of the next month. So you will need to ensure that the ISL production key is installed prior to the beginning of the next month.

Decommission SmartPlant License Manager server

Follow this procedure once all clients have been migrated to ISL and there are no active licenses left on the SPLM server.

  1. Verify that no one is using the SmartPlant License Manager server. Use the Display Status of Reserved Licenses command in SmartPlant License Manager on the server.

  2. Do one last scavenge on the server.

  3. Upload the journal files, if applicable. These files are located on the server.

    Not all customers upload journal files, so this might not apply to you.

  4. Uninstall SPLM on the server, and decommission the server.

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