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This section explains some of the basic concepts used in Smart Production Profile Cutting. Smart Production Profile Cutting is a part of the SPx Enterprise System. SPx Enterprise System contains various modules and is flexible to many kinds of production needs and types. The purpose of Smart Production Profile Cutting in that system is to create cutting plans for the production.

  • Smart Production Profile Cutting is a part of Smart Production Enterprise system.

  • Smart Production Project Import module is essential part of the system to place the required data for Smart Production Profile Cutting.

  • Required data includes

    • Profile geometries

    • Order item information such as due date, quantity

    • Other manufacturing data such as material information

  • Order item is generally defined by its project number and row number. In greater projects, such as ship projects, block and assembly numbers are also generally included.

  • After the order item has been created, order item geometry and profile material can be opened to Smart Production Profile Cutting work area for nesting.

  • Profile part geometries in order items are nested in Nesting work area with suitable technology group. Finally nestings are saved and NC-program are generated. Nestings and NC-programs are saved as separate files to their predefined directories.