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This section gives quick explanations of some of the most important elements of Database window.


Selected tab defines which item type is listed on Main List or Sub List. Main List tabs are located on lower part of Database Window. Sub List tabs are located below Sub List.

Main List and Sub List

Database Window contains two list types: Main List and Sub List. Sub List shows items which are related to the items on Main List. Profile Nestings Main List and Sub List. In this case Sub List shows Profile Order Items of the selected nesting.


Toolbars are located above Main List and Sub List. Function buttons on the left side of a toolbar are related to the listed item type. Right side of a toolbar contains general function buttons which are similar regardless of the listed item type.

Toolbar of Profile Nestings Main List. Open nesting, Open report are function buttons which are related to nesting list. Function buttons on the right side of the toolbar are general function buttons.

Main List Toolbar General Function Buttons

Sub List

Expands or collapses Sub List.

Read Only

Sets the items on list read only or editable. All lists are not editable.

Edit Form

Opens Edit Form for the selected item on list.

Save Layout

Saves layout of the current view. This function is limited for main users only.


Opens information window containing information about the selected item. Shows the last query info.

Filter Editor

Filter Editor is used to create complex filter criteria to filter items on Main List. It is located on lower part of Database Window. It can be expanded or collapsed by clicking Filter .