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This flow contains the basic steps that are in the normal operation needed.

Create new batch “Profile Order Items” from Database list

  • This function will fetch a name from the database for the Batch.

  • Created batch, jobs and job items are added to databases Nesting Batches list.

  • Batch jobs are added to job panel.

  • Order items are sorted to jobs with selected job sorting criteria.

Open to active batch “Profile Order Items” from Database list

  • Selected rows are added to active batch active job.

Activate “Job”

  • Activation of the Job adds order items and material to the Visual.

  • Profile Order Items and Materials lists are filled.

  • Activation of Job closes current active Job.

  • Closing the Job does not save anything to the database.

  • Saved nestings are added to Nesting Batches database list.

Nesting of “Profile Order Items”

  • It is possible to nest profile order items manually by double-clicking the picture or row from the list or use automatic Nesting function from the Toolbar.

  • Automatic nesting function uses the settings which are currently active.

  • Automatic nesting function nests the profile order items that are currently selected from the list.

  • Ctrl+A keys will activate all or Ctrl+mouse click will activate selected rows.

  • Nesting result comes to the work area.

Press “NC”

  • Function saves all the nesting on the work area to the database.

  • The database marks the material status as “Used” and order items as “Nested”.

Activate new “Job”

  • Activation of new Job from the Job list closes current active Job.

  • Closing the Job does not save or change anything to the database.

Finalize with “Accept Batch”

  • When all the Jobs are nested and saved with “NC”, The Batch is ready to be accepted.

  • Accept Batch operation changes the status of the nestings in the database. This has an effect how other modules view the result and can continue in the cutting process.

  • Generally, some interface events are triggered based this function.