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The Preview list shows the graphical presentation of the profile order items. Each line is an order item with several details.

Item Name

Generally a drawing name that describes the geometry.


Black, green or red. Shows the free amount that can still be nested.

Black - one or more can be nested.

Green - all are nested.

Red - too many items are nested.

Ordered Count

The total amount of parts to be nested.

Macro Info

The end cut geometry macro name from the design.

Truncate Line

The geometry is divided into three parts: left end, middle section, right end. Left and Right ends are drawn with correct x/y dimensions as they are in geometry representation. Middle section is compressed in the x-direction.

Nesting Status

White, green or red.

Green - all items are nested

Red - too many items are nested.


Blue if the line is selected.

Delete Item

Activate the line from the list and click Delete. Item is deleted from the list.


When this mouse button is clicked over an item, the macro parameter window is opened for more detailed inspection.