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Saving the customized layouts is targeted for system main user.

Adding and Removing Toolbar Buttons

The user can remove unnecessary function buttons from toolbars.

To add or remove toolbar buttons:

  1. Click on the right edge of the toolbar.

  2. Click Add or Remove Buttons.

  3. Select the toolbar on the appeared drop down list.

    New drop down list appears.

  4. Add or remove the buttons by clicking them on the drop down list.

Resizing Panels and Lists

Lists and panels of Database can be resized by dragging from frame of a panel or a list.

If frame contains an arrow icon in middle of a frame, it can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the frame.

Resizing Columns in Grid View

Columns can be resized by dragging the right edge of the desired column header.

Saving Layout

To save a layout, click Save Layout on Main List toolbar.