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Columns can be arranged to different order or removed from lists if they are not needed. Removed columns can be redisplayed using Column Chooser.

To change the order of columns:

  1. Drag the desired column by its header to the desired location between two headers.

To remove a column:

  1. Right click the header of the desired column.

  2. Click Remove This Column.

To add a removed column:

  1. Right-click a header of a column.

  2. Click Column Chooser.

    Customization box will appear. Columns tab of customization box shows a list of column headers which are not in use.

  3. Drag the desired header on Customization box to a space between two headers on main list or sub list.

    Main lists and sub lists have their own customization boxes. It is not possible to drag a header from the customization box of main list to sub list or vice versa.