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Smart Production Version

Edge strategy is delivered as default with Smart Production Profile Cutting. Profile Optimizer is an add-in module to Smart Production Profile Cutting and it is sold separately.

Advanced Settings

General Settings


Includes the Auto Nesting strategy options, Edge and Profile Optimizer.

Edge Auto Nesting Parameters

Nesting Start Corner

Specifies the start end of the profile material. Select Lower Left or Lower Right.

Part-Sheet Left

Specifies the distances from the left edge of the profile material to the profile part end.

Part-Sheet Right

Specifies the distance from the right edge of the profile material to the profile part end.

Sheet Sort

Adds the priority to the materials that are transferred to automatic nesting. Material usage can also be denied.

Profile Optimizer Settings

Nesting Type

Defines the nesting type: Normal or Extended (Optimizer Solution is not in use).

Extended nesting is done to welded profiles.

Welded profile is divided to sub nestings.

Part Solution Length

Maximum length of the sub nesting.

Joint Profile Length

Maximum length of welded profile. The default value is 999999.0.

Joint Allowed in Machining Area

Selected if weld is allowed in machining area.