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Items in Grid View and Card View can be filtered using filter drop down lists. Multiple filter conditions can be created. Filter conditions created with filter drop down lists are also visible in Filter Editor.

To create a simple filter condition using filter drop down lists:

  1. Move mouse pointer over the column/card header. Filter icon appears if Grid View is used. Filter icon appears if Card View is used.

  2. Click the filter icon.

    Filter drop down list appears.

  3. Select the filter value on the filter drop down list.

    Filter drop down list closes immediately. List displays only the items with the specified filter value.

To create complex filter criteria using filter drop down lists:

  1. Open the filter drop down list (see the example above).

  2. Click (Custom).

    Custom AutoFilter dialog opens and enables you to compare a column with one or two values.

To clear a filter:

  1. Right-click a column header and select Clear Filter. This clears the filter of a specific column. This is available only in Grid View.

  2. To clear all filter criteria, click Reset .