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Edit Form is used to edit, delete, and depending on the item type, create a copy of an item. Edit Form is accessed by selecting an item and clicking Edit Form . You can also browse items on the Main list while Edit Form is open. Edit Form refreshes when a new item is selected.

Available attribute fields of an edit form depend on the selected item type. Gray colored attribute fields cannot be edited. Edit Form contains function buttons depending on the item type that is open in Edit Form.


Creates a copy of the current item. Append is available only in edit form of orders and plates.


Deletes the current item from database.

End Edit

Saves the changes made in Edit Form.

Cancel Edit

Cancels the changes made in Edit Form.

To access Edit Form:

  1. Click the desired Main list tab.

  2. Select the desired item on Main list.

  3. Click Edit Form on the Main list toolbar.

To edit attributes of an item:

  1. Click the desired attribute field.

  2. Enter a new value to the field.

    Some fields have drop down button on the right side of the field . Depending on the field type, clicking the drop down button opens one of the following:

    1. Calculator

    2. Calendar

    3. List of field values in database. For example, in case of row field of an order, shows a list of rows which are already used. In case of quality field, shows a list of available qualities.

  3. After all the desired changes have been made, click End Edit to accept the editing.

To delete an item:

Items have to be deleted in certain order. Before an order can be deleted, all nestings containing the order must be deleted. Same applies to parts. Before a part can be deleted, all orders containing the part must be deleted.

  1. Click Remove.

To create a copy of an order or a plate:

Edit Form of orders and plates have on option to create a copy of the original item. This can be useful if a new order or plate is wanted with same or almost same attributes with an existing one.

  1. Click Append.

    The program creates a copy of the item. In case of an order, at least order number or row has to be changed before the copy can be saved. In case of a plate, at least product number has to be changed.

  2. Make the desired changes to attribute fields.

  3. Click End Edit to save the copy.