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In Grid View, items on main list and sub list can be grouped by columns. Grouping makes it easier to manage large database lists and to find the needed items. Grouping order can be seen in the Group Tree, which is located on Group By box.

In this example image, orders have been grouped by building and thickness attributes. The Group By box is above the headers and contains the Group Tree that shows the group (building) and sub groups (thickness).

To make Group By Box visible:

  1. Right click a header.

  2. Click Show Group By Box.

  3. To hide Group By Box, click Hide Group By Box.

To create a group:

  1. Right click the header of the desired column.

  2. Click Group By This Column. Alternatively drag and drop the column to the Group By Box.

    Items on the list are now grouped by the attribute of the selected column. Sub groups can be added in the same manner. Group is visualized on Group By Box above the list.

  3. To ungroup a column, right-click the header of the desired column. Click Ungroup.